KLEPTOSE® - Beta cyclodextrin

Polyglucose for encapsulation
Polyglucose for encapsulation. Cyclodextrins are used for confectionery applications, flavours and drinks, and protects from oxidation and hydrolysis.


Beta cyclodextrins are cyclic polyglucoses consisting of 7 glucose units obtained enzymatically from starch.

Molecular encapsulation with beta cyclodextrins can be used to improve the stability and solubility of ingredients and to mask undesirable flavours and odours.

Pioneer in the industrial development of cyclodextrins, Roquette offers a KLEPTOSE® range adapted for each type of use.

Product description


  • White odourless slightly sweet crystalline powder


  • Directive 2003/114/EC (December 22 2003)
  • FDA GRASP6 G0421-FR 20/09/96
  • Food chemical Codex V p126

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.

Structure and physical properties

A toroid structure that is:

  • apolar and hydrophobic for the molecular cavity,
  • highly hydrophilic for the external part.


  • Protection against thermal degradation, oxidation, hydrolysis.
  • Slow release.
  • Taste masking.


  • Flavours
  • Confectionery
  • Drinks

Formulation assistance

Some examples of recipes for molecular encapsulation by mixing developed by Roquette, which have inspired fruitful developments on the market:

  • Orange essential oil encapsulation
  • Fish oil encapsulation
  • Mustard essential oil encapsulation
  • Menthol encapsulation 


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