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Roquette Food E-commerce Platform

E-commerce platform for US food customers

The fastest track in the plant-based product development race!

US customers can now access online a large selection of plant-based food ingredients to help you create unique, tasty and nutritious food products.



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Fastest track in development race

  • No minimum order quantity: order what you need, as low as one bag.
  • Fast delivery: receive your order in less than 10 working days.
  • Premium plant protein: buy from the plant protein market pioneer.

Improved user experience

  • 100% online experience.
  • Search, filter, compare, access documents and recipes.
  • All in one place.

Faster product development

  • Talk with an expert - we answer any question.
  • Sample, request a quote and buy - 24/7 access.
  • Flexible payment terms - easy online buying process.

Better cash management

  • Real-time order and shipment notification - track your order anytime.
  • Low working capital - no stock management.
  • More freight options.
US food customers, buy online!

  • Fibers: NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, from corn, wheat or pea
  • Plant proteins: NUTRALYS® pea protein, VITEN® Vital Wheat gluten
  • Specialty starches: CLEARGUM® thin boiling starches, CLEARAM® cook-up starches, PREGEGLO® instant starches
  • Polyols: SweetPearl® maltitol, NEOSORB® sorbitol, XYLISORB® xylitol, LYCASIN® maltitol syrup

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