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Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition

We increasingly want satisfying food choices we can feel good about and that better fit a healthy lifestyle.
At Roquette, food producers only find high-quality ingredients - and discover a range of plant-based solutions: plant proteins (pea- or wheat-based), soluble fibres, polyols, etc.
We offer you nutritional, texturizing and cost-efficient solutions to help you formulate high-quality food for every kind of application.
Accomplish all with the close support of Roquette’s multidisciplinary teams!

Markets and solutions

  • bakery cookies


    Bread, cakes and pastries, biscuits, cereals and bars, salty snacks, etc. Find out how we can help answer consumer needs for friendly labelling, sustainability, nutrition!
  • Beverages

    Soft drinks: discover how we can help you to meet the nutrition challenges you are facing today.
  • lollipop confectionery


    Thanks to Roquette's polyols, formulate creative sugar-free confectioneries, from tablets to chewing-gums.
  • dairy probiotic woman

    Dairy products

    Improving taste and texture, promoting health and sustainable development, optimisint costs… Roquette has a proven solution for each product.
  • barbecue-meat-analogue


    Processed meat and fish, sauces, dressings and ready meals are typical of the savoury sector around the world. Texture plays a key role in all of them.
  • family hands baby feet

    Specialized nutrition

    Maternal and Baby, Sports, Senior & Clinical nutrition but also Weight management constitute specific needs at each step of life of the most demanding consumers.

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Rely on our expertise in food

Rely on our expertise in food

  • Food safety
  • Quality & Traceability
  • Innovation
  • Regulatory involvement
  • Marketing

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