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Roquette Food at FIE 2023

Roquette Food Teams presented our latest developments in plant-based ingredients 

Roquette's Food and Nutrition teams participated in Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) 2023 held in Frankfurt, Germany, at the end of November. The event was a great opportunity for our teams to connect with visitors and customers and present our latest developments.

Through a series of live cooking demonstrations, Roquette technical experts brought to life our portfolio of plant-based ingredients through prototypes designed to address three major trends in food: Positive Nutrition, New Cuisine, and Transparency.

Watch the video for a glimpse of the Roquette booth’s activities during Fi Europe 2023:


A Taste of Ingredients with Possibilities

From crunchy healthy bites to indulgent no-added-sugar cookies, Roquette's Food and Nutrition teams demonstrated the versatility of our plant-based ingredients that offer endless possibilities, and their expertise in formulating tasty, healthy and sustainable foods with food manufacturers.

Positive Nutrition

Among the prototypes presented were crunchy healthy bites formulated with Roquette's NUTRIOSE® 10 soluble fiber and NUTRALYS® texturized pea protein, alongside no-added-sugar biscuits made with NUTRIOSE® 06 soluble fiber and SweetPearl® maltitol to meet the rising demand for indulgent sweet treats with low sugar content.

New Cuisine

Also showcased during the live demonstrations: A plant-based nemossa, an innovative fusion of nem and samosa, and a tangy sweet and sour sauce featuring CLEARAM® CH cook-up starches. These prototypes offered new and exciting flavors, ideal for brands that aim to appeal to the 74%* of global consumers who crave unusual and exotic flavors.


To demonstrate how producers can meet consumer demand for friendlier labeling and offer an innovative approach to creating gelatin-free sweets with a mouthwatering texture, TiO2-free gums made with PREGEFLO® pregelatinized starch and plant-based jellies and wine gums made with CLEARGUM® LG thin boiling starch were served.

Thank you for living the Food Ingredients Europe experience with us!

* FMCG Gurus’ 2021 Flavour, Color & Texture Trends Report.