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on farm feeding

On farm mixing

Roquette is your solutions provider whether you are feed compounders or farmers who produce the feed in the farm.

Wet & liquid products

  • CORAMI® / CORAMI® BE: wheat soluble protein and energy source.
  • Potato solubles: concentrated potato juices containing soluble protein and sugar content. 
  • Pea cream: energy and digestible protein sources issued from pea starch. Pea cream can replace cereals in pig rations.
  • Wet potato pulp: Cellulose fraction obtained during starch extraction and distributed directly to farms.
  • Wet pea pulp: a good energy source extracted from pea grain and pea flour.
  • Wet COREX® 100 and wet COREX® 200: wet maize gluten feed, a mix of maize fiber and maize solubles, is an energy source.

Dry products

  • MILUREX®  wheat gluten: Good energy source and a highly digestible starch enriched fiber.
  • COREX® 200: Corn gluten feed is a good source of digestible fiber, energy and protein.
  • COREX® 100: Corn fiber rich in starch, available in three grades: wet, meal, pellet. 
  • GERMEX®: Corn oil cake


Other solutions for compound feed
  • aquafeed


    Roquette offers sustainable sources of vegetable proteins from corn, wheat and pea as replacement of fish meal.
  • coumpond feed and coarse mix

    Compound feed and coarse mix

    Roquette provides a wide range of quality ingredient solutions to give a good source of energy for cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits and horses.
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