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The BioLOGICALChoice

When it comes to raw materials for cell culture or excipients in your formulation, you now have an alternative option.

Manage risk with a steady supply of confidence for your materials from a source who has sole custody of the supply chain. Let Roquette help you bring your biologics to life.

Markets and Solutions
  • Biopharma

    Protein stability

    We bring new biopharmaceutical solutions that resolve protein stability challenges impacting your development.
  • Cell culture solutions

    We offer high quality raw materials where the supplain chain custody is secure and traceable, to meet the highly complex and challenging cell culture manufacturing.
  • Roquette Pharma Solutions | Precision Dispense

    Precision Dispense

    We help you make safe, productive, efficient bioprocessing technology a reality.

    And accelerate your drug product's journey to market!

Our commitment to the biopharmaceutical industry
drives all that we do.

Our in-depth understanding of raw material science means you can benefit from process optimization and collaboration - reducing time to market.

Through our end-to-end technical and regulatory expertise, we support product life-cycle management and entry into new markets.

As the only vertically-integrated supplier for SUT excipients and raw materials, we can guarantee reduced supply chain complexity and logistics costs, as well as tighter control.

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BioPharma, the biological choice

Roquette's commitment to BioPharma market

Roquette reinforces position as a supplier of excipients and raw materials for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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Products and associated packagings

Quality-based, safe, secure, and reliable supply of raw materials and excipients for biologics.


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  • Find out how you can rethink pharmaceutical workflows with precision dispensing technology or produce vegetarian softgels thanks to our new LYCAGEL®.
    Qingdao, China
  • Formulating promising nutraceuticals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle! Discover a comprehensive range of natural-based ingredients and excipients. to address nutraceuticals trends.
    Geneva, Switzerland
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