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Biopharmaceutical solutions done right: Roquette

In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, confidence is everything. From unearthing new cell culture solutions to enhancing protein stability, you need reliable raw materials and excipients proven to perform.

With our vertically-integrated, fully traceable supply chain and decades of formulation experience, Roquette can help you bring biologics to life – confidently.

You could say, we’re the bio-LOGICAL choice.


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Our biopharma solutions

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    Protein stability

    Resolve the protein stability challenges impacting your drug development with our leading biopharmaceutical excipients.

  • Cell culture solutions

    Rely on our secure supply chain to deliver the highest quality raw materials, designed for complex cell culture manufacturing.

  • Roquette Pharma Solutions | Precision Dispense

    Precision Dispense

    We help you make safe, productive, efficient bioprocessing technology a reality. And accelerate your drug product's journey to market!

Our commitment to the biopharmaceutical industry
drives all that we do.

Our 360° understanding of raw material science unlocks more effective collaboration, process optimization and faster journeys to market.

Trust our start-to-finish technical and regulatory expertise to support your product life-cycle management and help you enter new markets.

As the only vertically-integrated supplier of SUT excipients and raw materials, we guarantee reduced supply chain complexity, lower logistics costs, and tighter controls for complete confidence.

Our biopharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients

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Roquette Biopharma: the bioLOGICAL choice

We’ve been committed to serving the needs of biopharma manufacturers for years.
At Roquette, we don’t just offer quality ingredients, we deliver complete solutions brands trust today, and the cutting edge science they will need tomorrow.