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Supporting your mission: Our services expertise

Decades of experience, backed by the latest scientific research. Our partners rely on our proven record of technical service to help them solve the toughest challenges in drug delivery. 

Our multidisciplinary approach means we can offer leading regulatory support, alongside cutting-edge formulation and product development guidance via our Customer Engineering Service, and dedicated Customer Technical Service (CTS) team.

Regulatory support

The pharmaceuticals sector is among the most heavily regulated in the world. From organizing product files, to accurately describing ingredients and compiling analytical data, preparing a medicinal solution for market is a complex and time-consuming operation for even the most established drug producers.

With years of experience managing these processes in markets around the world, our in-house regulatory department is here to help streamline your product filing process. Our deep-rooted relationships with various international trade associations, including IPEC and quality decision groups within the global Pharmacopoeias, means we can ensure full compliance of your products for complete peace of mind.

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Customer Engineering Service

Handling industrial quantities of powder or liquid can be quite the engineering challenge, especially when the ingredients are intended for use in high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Our long-established Customer Engineering Service offers drug manufacturers complete support for the design and construction of processing equipment, including reception tanks, vessels and powder-handling facilities.

Available worldwide and all year-round, we provide proven solutions to help you handle industrial-scale ingredients processing and get the best out of our premium product portfolio.

Let’s tackle your engineering challenges, together.

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Our Customer Technical Service (CTS):
Supporting pharmaceutical formulation development

Powder technology and preparation, direct compression, tablet evaluation, pharmaceutical confectionery solutions, syrup formulation and much more: Our leading Customer Technical Service provides 360-degree support for your drug development projects. Our CTS covers:

Pharmaceutical powder technology

  • Bulk density, compressibility, hygroscopicity, particle size, flowability and dust formation

Pharmaceutical powder preparation

  • Mixing, coloring, flavoring, and wet or dry granulation

Direct compression

  • Formulation advice, customized settings planning and calibration, tablet evaluation, Compression Simulation Service

Tablet quality control testing

  • Assessing hardness, thickness, weight, density, friability, disintegration and dissolution time, appearance monitoring, observation using electron microscopy or Instron measurements

Parameter control for pharmaceutical syrups

  • Assessing pH, color stability, precipitation, suspension and separation, crystallization and cap-locking

Pharmaceutical confectionery

  • Expert formulation support and on-site assistance


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Quality above all else

At Roquette Pharma Solutions, quality is everything.

In all our processes, products and services, we are committed to customer satisfaction – continually searching for ways to improve reliability, capacity and efficiency.

Our integrated Quality Management System (QMS) is regularly re-evaluated by recognized authorities to ensure our products comply with the appropriate international standards.

But we don’t stop there.

From inviting regular external audits of our supply chain and product sites to securing an unmatched range of international approvals – including GMP, COFRAC, BUREAU VERITAS, and EXCiPACT™ to name a few – we offer our customers the complete confidence they need to create life-saving treatments.

Central Quality Control Laboratory in Lestrem has been awarded the COFRAC accreditation for the analysis of raw materials. Analytical certificates are issued in accordance with food, pharmaceutical and industry standards.

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The markets we serve

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A leading pharmaceutical excipients supplier

Unlock the full spectrum of dosage forms with our innovative pharmaceutical ingredients. As a vertically integrated, solution-orientated partner, we deliver true quality to help you tackle the toughest challenges in drug delivery.

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Excellence in nutraceutical active ingredients

Underpinned by a fully transparent, vertically integrated supply chain, our range of quality plant-based excipients and APIs make custom dosage forms possible. Achieve your supplement development goals with Roquette..

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A nurse with dark hair holding an intravenous drip in place on a young woman in a hospital setting.

Superior quality injectable and dialysis solutions

Rely on Roquette to support your injectable drug and dialysis treatments. With a complete portfolio of pyrogen-free ingredients, osmotic agents and specialty APIs, we have the expertise you need to formulate lifesaving drugs.

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