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A full range of multifunctional plant-based ingredients, and high performing, plant-based concepts for personal care, providing amazing sensorial experience and claim-substantiated benefits.

Sustainable beauty is all about skin health and nutrition.


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  • Skin care

    Skin care formulations

    Beauty is all about skin health and nutrition. Roquette is now applying its expertise to offer innovative systems for skin care.
  • Hair care

    Hair care formulations

    Beautiful hair goes with a healthy, balanced scalp. Roquette is applying its expertise to hair care and fulfilling consumers' craving for effective plant-based solutions.
  • Oral care

    Oral care formulations

    Thanks to their natural origin, our starch derivatives are playing an important role in the oral care market. Roquette responds to the increasing interest in alternatives to animal-derived or synthetic ingredients.
  • Colour cosmetics

    Color cosmetics formulations

    Consumers are looking for the right balance between nature and technology. Roquette is providing enjoyable sensations and easy formulating with plant-based innovative systems.
  • Fragrance

    Fragrance formulations

    Fragrance is key for a full sensorial experience whatever the application. Thanks to its extensive expertise, Roquette is able to address the key consumer expectation regarding fragrance: a longer long-lasting effect.
Sustainable beauty is all about skin health and nutrition
Empowered by more than 80 years of recognized expertise in health and nutrition, Roquette has decided to offer its know-how to beauty through innovative, high performing, and plant-based materials for personal care.
Beauty is all about natural power
For more than 80 years, our offer has been produced from plant-based raw materials such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas, delivering proven technological, nutritional and health benefits. Roquette is also a pioneer in vegetal proteins.
Beauty is all about synergies
We are a family-owned group with a strong culture of customer care. Our solutions are developed together with our customers, with ambition and passion. Deeply rooted in French culture and know-how, with plants in Asia, Europe and America, we create synergies all over the world.
Beauty is all about new stories
Your success is our greatest priority, and your needs are unique. Be inspired by our innovative range of plant-based raw materials, and let’s start innovating together to write a new chapter for beauty!
Beauty is all about high performance and sensorial experience
That’s why we focus on high-quality, versatile, plant-based ingredients and develop multifunctional solutions providing at once high performance and amazing sensorial experience.
Beauty is all about sustainability
Our products are made from plant-based, renewable raw materials and meet the ISO 16128 standard. Ambitious targets have been set to meet clear commitments for sustainability in terms of sourcing, biorefining, innovating and acting.

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Roquette unveils new ambition in plant-based Cosmetics

<br>Rely on our expertise in Cosmetics

Rely on our expertise in Cosmetics

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