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Processed meat and fish, sauces, dressings and ready meals are typical of the savory sector around the world. Texture plays a key role in all of them. 

US food customers can access online a large selection of plant-based food ingredients: Learn more.

Convenience foods and greener packs remain key offers and continue to play a significant role, driven by increasingly busy consumers whose hectic family, work and social commitments lead to the search for quick satisfaction.

Consumers are looking for tasty, good quality products supported by transparent nutritional information. Meanwhile, by 2050, more than 9 billion people will require feeding. Plant-based raw materials are and will have a critical role to play – which is why the Roquette group is strengthening its position as a major player in the development of plant-based solutions. It believes a key way of doing this is by developing new alternatives to meat that rival current soy – and wheat-based offers – by also offering allergen-free labeling. Check out this unique solution! Click on the “Premium meat analogues” box.

As for fried foods, their taste and texture are popular worldwide – especially if they come with balanced nutrition. Find out about our batter and coating solutions that reach new levels of satisfaction – all using plant-based ingredients. Click on the “Batters and Coatings solutions” box.

Famous and familiar sauces and dressings all require texturizing solutions, for which starches are essential to impart body and stability that survives shelf-life. Check out our clean label options! Click on the “Texturizing solutions” box.

Our solutions for

  • savoury-batters-coatings-french-fries-vegetable

    Batters and coatings

    Thanks to unique combinations of starches and dextrins, Roquette has developed clear-coating solutions to improve the crispiness of food while preserving their nutritional attributes.
  • burger-meat-analogue

    Meat substitutes

    Flexitarianism is one of the fastest growing consumer categories today. We help you offering solutions for meat substitutes, that are at the same time tasty and nutrionally balanced.
  • Sauces - Texturizing solutions

    Developing countries are moving towards westernized foods and diets. And everyone expects more and more products that are tasty, affordable, from natural sources and of secured quality.
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