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Batters and coatings

Thanks to unique combinations of starches and dextrins, Roquette has developed clear-coating solutions to improve the crispiness of french fries while preserving their nutritional attributes.

Exploiting different plant-based sources and types of starches, the coating creates crispy fries that stay crispier for longer under lamps. In addition, it acts as a barrier to oil, limiting fat uptake. Some other new solutions dedicated to fried products (i.e. tempura, nuggets and breaded fish) have been developed by Roquette recently.

These are recipes that combine speciality starches and dextrins. Our ingredient solutions are based on their differing botanical origins and by their joint synergies. Study results show that these new solutions clearly bring added value to vegetables, meat and seafood fried foods.

For instance: you get different crispiness options but also opportunities to reduce fat uptake - all in line with consumer sensory expectations: that’s of taste, texture and appearance.

These very promising results are encouraging our development teams to explore further. And we all know that by combining our talents, exploration will be more effective than ever!

Know more about our specialty starches for batters and coatings.

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