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Plant protection - Growth factors

Unlocking plant protection potential with biocontrol solutions

As the agricultural industry goes towards sustainable practices, the demand for nonsynthetic products is on the rise. With modern agriculture, biocontrol solutions, also known as biopesticides, are effective alternatives to chemical-based    pest control methods.

As one of the leaders in plant-based ingredients, we understand the importance of providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of growers.

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture

Growers, Gardeners or farmers, are in demand of biocontrol products with proven efficiency on pest resistance, that are non-chemical based, and authorized in their markets, thus ensuring minimal impact on the environment.  

Therefore, it is essential to support biocontrol producers in the production of molecules of interest that are produced by microorganisms

Unlock the potential of microorganisms with Roquette   

Microorganisms represent an important part of agricultural products and play a diverse and complex role in plant cultivation. They are being used as plant care solutions to improve plant health and growth.

Microorganisms are also used for their biocontrol properties such as bioinsecticide, biofungicide, bioherbicide and bionematicide. Biocontrol agents play a crucial role in conserving native species and mitigating the negative impacts of invasive species. These natural enemies, which are beneficial organisms with their host specificity, are used in biocontrol solutions to combat pest populations in large numbers, while preserving the health of crops and other plant-based resources over the long term.

Use the Power of Nature: Biocontrol Solutions 

Biocontrol solutions, also named biopesticides, use living organisms to control or suppress biotic stresses that can damage crops and other plant-based resources. Unlike chemical pesticides, microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) are used in biocontrol to target specific diseases without harming other organisms, thus ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable pest management practices.

In addition, microorganisms are dependent on their culture medium and require key nutrients to develop in optimal conditions. Roquette’s protein extracts provide essential nitrogen and growth factors that support robust growth and yield of microorganisms.

As a result, our scientific team are constantly working on extensive knowledge in fermentation, specifically in the development of microorganisms using growth factors. With our expertise, we are at the forefront of the development of new agricultural products that are both sustainable and effective.

Unlocking Plant Protection with Roquette’s Solutions

  • SOLULYS® corn protein extract is highly valued for its complete nutritional profile. Consisting of free amino-nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other critical growth-factors. The product is highly consistent and stable.
  • TUBERMINE® potato protein extract is used as a well-balanced growth promotor and nitrogen source in numerous biotech applications.
  • NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein hydrolysate, provides free amino acids as well as complex protein.
  • GLUTALYS® corn gluten is a concentrated protein, extracted from the corn wet milling process. It can serve as a natural slow-release nitrogen source in fertilizer applications but is also known a pre-emergent herbicide.

Roquette has made significant strides in developing safe and effective biologically derived pesticides through fermentation processes. By utilizing plant-based protein extracts as growth factors, our technical team of scientists can develop optimal solutions to support customers' unique needs.

Explore our latest formulation requirements to ensure successful plant growth and vitality!

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