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Plant protection - Growth factors

Plant protection | Growth Factors

Production of bioactives by fermentation. Recent advances in sustainable agriculture have led to the development of “bioactives” produced via fermentation processes. Unique microbial strains and active compounds produced via fermentation are now widely accepted as safe and effective biologically derived pesticides.

Plant-based protein extracts and hydrolysates can serve not only as nutrient sources, but also as a source of key elements that serve as growth factors. Historically, components such as amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins are critical in optimization of growth and productivity of microbes utilized in fermentation.

Roquette provide many solutions for microbial synthesis.

SOLULYS® is a unique corn-based protein extract, highly valued for its complete nutritional profile. Consisting of free amino-nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other critical growth-factors. The product is highly consistent and stable.

GLUTALYS® corn gluten is a concentrated protein, extracted from the corn wet milling process. It can serve as a natural slow-release nitrogen source in fertilizer applications but is also known a pre-emergent herbicide.

NUTRALYS® H85 is a unique pea protein hydrolysate, providing free amino acids as well as complex protein.

TUBERMINE® is a potato protein isolate used as a well-balanced growth promotor and nitrogen source in numerous biotech applications.

Roquette continuously develops new solutions for the plant care market that provide nutrients, improve soil health, plant nutrition and stimulate plant growth, and improve stress tolerance. 

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