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Industrial markets

Industrial Markets

Improving performance through plant-based innovations is a key market trend, and this is exactly what Roquette delivers.
As a key provider of such solutions for industrial markets, Roquette offers a broad-range of customers focused solutions.
Wherever you are, Roquette offers solutions and high quality services for your market.

Markets and Solutions

  • Roquette solutions for bioindustry


    Discover our plant-based ingredients for bioindustry and industrial biotechnology. Our portfolio offers nutrition solutions and processing aids to optimize and secure fermentation processes.
  • Plant care

    A large range of plant-based ingredients for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for plant nutrition and plant protection, coupled with our support to codevelop formulations.
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    Performance Materials

    An innovative bio-based building-block providing superior optical and mechanical properties to polymers.
  • Chemicals

    An increasingly specialized sustainable offering for adhesives, construction and intermediates improving performance/cost ratio.
  • Paper and Board

    Renewable solutions improving performance/cost ratio and quality through technical expertise in coating and strength.
Rely on our expertise in industrial markets

Rely on our expertise in industrial markets

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Customer Services & Supports
  • Regulatory involvement
  • Sustainable partnership
  • Supply chain

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