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Functional pharmaceutical excipients for prescription drugs

At Roquette Pharma Solutions, we deliver superior formulation performance through our range of quality-by-design pharma excipients for prescription oral dosage solutions. 

A world of solutions for pharmaceutical dosage forms

Whatever the functionality or product features you are looking for, we’re here to support your mission.

With our extensive portfolio and decades of expertise, we support formulators with everything from solubility and performance improvement in liquid oral dosage forms, to stability enhancement and shear-granulation resistance for solid oral dosage forms. 

We understand the features which key patient groups seek, and can help you respond with our world-class excipients that are backed by our robust process management and quality systems.

Rely on Roquette for high-quality plant-based excipients, ideal for a wide range of solid and liquid oral dosage forms. 

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  • pharma tablet film coating woman


    Mask unpleasant flavors and odors, and protect drugs from environmental factors. Learn more about our film coatings solutions.
  • Pharma - Womand taking a tablet produced via direct compression

    Direct compression

    Tablet formulation made simple. Discover your guide to direct compression without compromise.
  • pharma-oral-dosage-forms-syrup-little-boy

    Liquid solutions

    Syrups, solutions, ampoules, dispersions: our broad range of quality excipients make liquid drug development simple.
  • Taste-masking child syrup


    Improve patient acceptance and compliance with efficient taste masking agents for any drug formulation.

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