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Roquette Disintegrants and Superdisintegrants

Disintegrants and superdisintegrants are used in tablets and capsules to ensure the rapid break down into their primary particles, facilitating the dissolution or release of the active ingredients. Roquette has developed a versatile range of standard disintegration excipients.

Roquette Superdisintegrant range: GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL®

GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL® are a range of sodium starch glycolates with various unique grades to meet specific formulation needs:

  • GLYCOLYS® LV, for wet granulation and high-shear granulation processes.
  • GLYCOLYS® Low pH, suitable for pH sensitive drugs.
  • GLYCOLYS®, for all other requirements.
  • EXPLOSOL® made with potato or corn, low residual solvents.

The main advantage of Sodium Starch Glycolate is its versatility:

  • Suitable for all oral dosage forms (tablets and capsules) and for all manufacturing processes: direct compression or wet granulation, including high-shear granulation processes.
  • Efficiency unaffected by lubricants.
  • Different modes of incorporation are possible (intra /or extra granularly; even mixed is possible).


Croscarmellose sodium is a highly effective superdisintegrant that also serves as a dissolution aid. The mechanical action is radial expansion due to high capacity of water absorption, allowing complete and efficient distinegration. Croscarmellose is widely used in oral solid pharmaceutical formulas, effective even in low doses and has the ability to regenerate after being moistened.
It is an odorless and white powder, available in different types, such as: SOLUTAB® A, SOLUTAB® A-IP and SOLUTAB® EDP.

Recommended use: It is indicated for use in tablets, capsules and pellets, either in formulas manufactured by direct compression, dry and wet granulation, or with intra or extragranular use.
Recommended concentration: 0.5 to 5.0%, it can be increased or decreased according to the formula need.

Roquette range of disintegrants and self disintegrating compounds

A range of traditional native starches

  • Our partially pregelatinized starch LYCATAB® C, which contains native starch which ensures a rapid disintegration and drug release.
  • The innovative multifunctional starch compound StarLac®, which consists of lactose and maize starch particles in granular form. With optimized self-disintegration properties, it is therefore well adapted to all types of formulations, especially for tablets requiring fast disintegration.

A mannitol-starch compound

  • PEARLITOL® FLASH mannitol-starch compound is an innovative co-processed excipient for orodispersible tablets.

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