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Excipients for liquid solutions: Liquid polyol, maltitol and sorbitol

Let innovation flow with our wide portfolio of plant-based excipients for liquid dosage forms, including pharmaceutical syrups, solutions, ampoules and dispersions.

From managing active ingredient interactions, color stability, precipitation and suspension to separation, crystallization and cap-locking, our experts are ready to help you develop and optimize any syrup formulation.

Liquid polyol and bulk sweeteners

Polyols are sugarless bulk sweeteners that can replace sugar (sucrose) in formulations to meet the desired organoleptic and dietetic requirements. 

  • Glucose syrups

    A traditional sweetening and bulking solution for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical oral dosage applications. These materials are cereal sugars created from starch hydrolysis.

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  • NEOSORB® liquid sorbitol

    These hard-working polyol compounds are suitable for pharmaceutical syrups, suspensions, creams and pastes, as well as lozenges and medicated confectionary. 

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  • LYCASIN® liquid maltitol

    Keep formulations sweet and stable with our liquid maltitol portfolio, offering a variety of flavor and viscosity profiles to help you find the perfect fit.

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Pharmaceutical buffering agents

In liquid and solid dosage forms, buffers are used to balance the pH of the final formulation, ensuring long-term performance and stability. Roquette offers a range of buffering agents based on the organic salt, sodium gluconate. Natural, easy to use and highly effective, these solutions help keep syrups, suspensions and pastes stable throughout their shelf life. 

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Suspension agents

With fast hydration and excellent gelling properties, our co-processed blend of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) TABULOSE® SC  is made for liquid drug delivery formats. It can be used as a secondary stabilizer and suspension agent in semi-solid formulas including suspensions, emulsions, aerosols, creams, lotions and gels.

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    Direct compression

    Tablet formulation made simple. Discover our solutions for direct compression without compromise. 

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    Solubility and stability improvement

    Unlock a whole new level of quality with our range of solubilization and stability enhancers, ideal for virtually any dosage form, from solid tablets to liquid suspensions.

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    Get to know KLEPTOSE®, our leading range of taste-masking agents, strategically adapted to address any process or formulation constraint.

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