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Taste-masking child syrup


Drugs having bitter or unpleasant tastes cause low patient compliance. Our range of KLEPTOSE® are efficient taste-masking agents adapted to all process and formulation constraints you might have.

Native and Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins

Molecular inclusion complexes using cyclodextrins have become a common formulation strategy to mask the taste of bitter or unpleasant drugs.

Roquette has pioneered the development of betacyclodextrin technology, developing a full range of KLEPTOSE® betacyclodextrins and hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins: KLEPTOSE® HPB, HP and KLEPTOSE® HPB-LB.

With different powder properties, chemical substitutions and solubility profiles, they are able to meet modern formulation needs.


Pea maltodextrin

A new product KLEPTOSE® LINECAPS (maltodextrin) has also been developed as a taste-masking technology for many dosage forms: liquids, chewable tablets, ODT, suspensions, etc., capable of masking the bitter taste of drugs by decreasing the overall amount of drug particles exposed to the taste buds.

Without recommendation of daily intake, this special maltodextrin is the obvious option to address even the most sensitive patient population like pediatrics.

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