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Roquette Foundation for Health

Created in November 2017, the Roquette Foundation for Health, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is entirely dedicated to food, nutrition and health fields. It is completely aligned with Roquette’s sustainable development approach and specially with one of our Acting commitments “Develop our activities with local communities.”

  • Our Foundation is a source of inspiration for every Roquette employee. Every day, we work to improve the well-being and health of millions of people around the world by offering the best of nature.
    Jean-Marc Gilson
    Jean-Marc Gilson
    Chief Executive Officer

The mission



The Roquette Foundation for Health supports innovative and educational programs in the fields of food and nutrition.

It supports various types of projects , such as:

  • Support for educational programs on diet.
  • Studies on the impact of food on diseases.
  • Support for operational and sustainable projects that are beneficial to health.

2020 Research Award

The Roquette Foundation for Health launches its first Research Award with a prize value of €25,000. This Research Award covers the following areas: food, food of the future, nutritional transition and preventive health.

For the 1st edition of this Research Award, the Roquette Foundation wants to encourage or recognize any particularly innovative research, thesis, essay, publication responding to one of the following questions, related to human nutrition:

  • Preventive Health: what issues and approaches related to food and nutrition?

  • Food of the future: how to support and evaluate the nutritional transition?

 The financial endowment (€25,000) will be allocated to the winner (€10,000) and the team she/he belongs to the laboratory (€15,000) to support the continuation of award-winning works.

This award is opened to researchers or research student under the age of 40 working in an academic institution in France.

Submission of applications closed. Discover the winner soon!

Our three principles
  • Believing in progress

    The Roquette Foundation supports medical research to prevent, cure and avoid the spread of diseases and thus promote the good health of women and men around the world.
  • Changing behavior

    The Roquette Foundation supports project owners who inform populations of societal challenges involving nutrition and thus motivate them to change their eating habits.
  • Sharing knowledge

    The Roquette Foundation supports project owners who share their knowledge and disseminate their know-how to improve the eating habits, well-being and health of as many people as possible.

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The organisation

The Roquette Foundation for Health relies on a steering committee made up of personalities with varied and complementary backgrounds,
including shareholders, Roquette Group employees and experts in the field of Health.

Anne Lambin, Head of the Roquette Foundation for Health, manages the Foundation on a daily basis.  


Members of the steering committee


  • Edouard Roquette (Chairman)
  • Camille Bonduelle (Member of the Roquette family)
  • Victoire Dethomas-Delloye (Member of the Roquette family)
  • Eduardo Menchaca (Head of Communications and Public Affairs)
  • Sergio Neves (Head of Nutrition & Health R&D)


  • Professor Eric Boulanger (MD, PhD), Medical Director: Longevity Health Prevention Center - Lille University Hospital, Head: Aging Biology & Geriatrics - Medical School – Lille University – INSERM - University Hospital of Lille
  • Professor Frédéric Gottrand (MD, PhD), Professor of Pediatrics University of Lille, Pediatrician University Hospital CHU-Lille
Anne Lambin - Contact Roquette Foundation
Contact: Anne Lambin
Head of the Roquette Foundation for Health
Phone : +33 3 21 63 36 00