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Roquette launches NUTRALYS® Fava S900M – Its First Fava Bean Protein Isolate
Roquette breaks new ground in plant-based ingredient innovation with the launch of NUTRALYS® Fava S900M, its firs fava bean protein isolate.
Launch of New LYCAGEL® Flex Softgel Capsule Shell System at Vitafoods Europe
Roquette unlocks the power of flexibility with its new LYCAGEL® Flex hydroxypropyl pea starch premix for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical softgel capsules.
Roquette to Spotlight Pea Starch Technology at Vitafoods 2024
By showcasing our latest addition to leading LYCAGEL® plant-based softgel excipient.
Roquette Beauté Appoints Barentz as Preferred Distribution Partner for the United States of America
Roquette Beauté and Barentz International Join Forces to Expand Cosmetics Ingredients Distribution in the USA.
Roquette Beauté Launches a New Biodegradable Pea-Based Film Former at in-cosmetics® Global 2024
Beauté by Roquette® ST 730 is a water-resistant film former with a clinically proven lifting effect.