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About Roquette Pharma

In collaboration with our customers and partners, the Group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets.

Roquette Pharma Solutions

Roquette has been a leading supplier of sustainably sourced, raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 40 years. We offer our partners and their customers uncompromising quality standards, and a transparent and secure supply chain from raw material to the finished product. And as the world’s leading supplier of mannitol and sorbitol, we use time-tested methods to guarantee reproducibility – ensuring every ingredient works exactly as it’s supposed to, every time.

We are also competitive everywhere to serve our customers with a global offer that is locally customized with uniform standards.

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Roquette Pharma

Excellence in formulation, products and services

Our Global Pharma Customer Technical Service (CTS) will partner with you on pharmaceutical developments. Our CTS team brings expertise in powder technology and preparation, direct compression, tablet evaluation, formulation of pharmaceutical confectionery and pharmaceutical syrups.

Our expertise

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    Our excipients, APIs or ingredients come with an exceptional expertise, coupled to a range of services.

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