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Plant nutrition - Biostimulants
Plant nutrition | Biostimulants

Healthy soil leads to healthy plant!

Biostimulants are substances that stimulate naturals mechanisms of plant to improve the nutrients absorption and the abiotic stress resistance (as high osmotic pressure, due to excess of salinity, or as drought or frost).

According to market research, there are many R&D works which will trigger new usages. Roquette is actively participating in this work.

Roquette offers products adapted to stimulate the plant.


They are naturally present in many plants, in particular mannitol in seaweeds or sorbitol in fruits.

Roquette manufactures them from starch, contained in cereals like corn or wheat. They are unreactive and highly compatible with other bioactive compounds.

Mannitol has been tested in several plants with positive results and it is already used as a biostimulant. Very present in seaweeds, mannitol is an asset in the salinity stress fight.

NEOSORB® sorbitol is a unique molecule thanks to its two primary and four secondary alcohol groups allowing protein stabilization. 


Free amino acids

Immediate availability of nitrogen is critical to plant and soil microbiological development. As a biostimulant, amino acids can play important roles in enhancing plant growth, especially under abiotic and biotic stress conditions.

SOLULYS® is a unique corn-based protein extract, valued for its nitrogen and critical growth-factor contents. The amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and trace elements located in the corn kernel are valuable additions to a variety of microbial biostimulants and plant nutrition formulations, including gardening and field foliar applications.

Organic acids have a positive impact as biostimulants. Low molecular weight organic acids have demonstrated efficacy as biostimulants that promoted development of a healthy soil microbiota. Roquette is a world leader in the production of gluconic acid and bio-succinic acid. In addition, our SOLULYS® is rich in lactic acid.

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