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Plant nutrition - Biostimulants

Boost your biostimulants formulation by using innovative ingredients

From plants to plants! 

As the demand for sustainable agriculture practices continues to rise, our plant-based ingredients provides alternatives to synthetic fertilizers. Our products promote soil protection, plant nutrition, stress resistance, and sustainable farming practices. 

Understanding how biostimulants enhance natural processes for healthier plants and higher yields 

Growing plants require a range of nutrients and conditions, and biostimulant products are a ground-breaking innovation in the plant nutrition industry. They are plant-based substances t hat enhance plant growth, yield, or overall health. Biostimulants stimulate natural processes, including photosynthesis and root development.

They work by enhancing the plant's natural processes. With a variety of organic compounds (such as amino acids, peptides, and carbohydrates), they stimulate plant growth, improve uptake nutrient, and enhance abiotic stress tolerance. Biostimulants work by improving soil quality and promoting root growth. They increase the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water, thereby benefiting nutrient use efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress

Look no further than biostimulants

As previously mentioned, biostimulants are composed of a variety of natural substances essential for what plants need to grow. 

These natural substances contain a variety of essential components that plants need to thrive, including seaweed extract. This extract is packed with plant hormones,  mannitol, and trace minerals that enhance nutrient uptake and crop quality. Additionally, biostimulants include humic and fulvic acids, which are derived from decomposed plants and improve soil structure and nutrient availability. Amino acids also play a crucial role in enhancing plant growth, especially under abiotic stress conditions. By exploring biostimulants, you can tap into the power of nature's own growth enhancers.

They enhance the plant's natural defence mechanisms, making it more resistant to  diseases, and environmental stressors, by providing efficiency tolerance to abiotic stress.

Enrich your solution with Roquette's new products!

Roquette Plant Care offers an extensive selection of plant-based ingredients. Our solutions are engineered to stimulate the entire growth ecosystem of plants, ensuring optimal health and vitality.

Free amino acids

As a biostimulant, amino acids can play important roles in enhancing plant growth, especially under abiotic stress conditions. Roquette has expanded our SOLULYS® soluble protein extract range  of biostimulant ingredients with two brand new innovative solutions:

  • SOLULYS® 046V-EXP is a soluble corn product with well-balanced N; P2 O5; K2 O, with a good aminogram (with high % of free amino acids) that brings several key nutrients to the plant.
  • SOLULYS® 145V-EXP is derived from soluble potato product and has a high value of K2 O that increases plant deployment and facilitates nutrition absorption.


Roquette manufactures these two products from starch, contained in cereals like corn or wheat. They are unreactive and highly compatible with other bioactive compounds.

Mannitol has been tested in several plants with positive results, and it is already used as a biostimulant. Present in seaweeds, mannitol is an asset in the salinity stress fight.

Enhance your solution with plant-based ingredients!

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