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Plant care plant-based solutions | Roquette

Plant care

Our mission in plant care is to offer plant-based ingredients for our customers to develop innovative solutions for plant nutrition and plant protection, for farmers and gardeners. We also offer our support to codevelop formulations.

Thanks to our plant science expertise, we are able to offer efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for your innovation in plant care. Our wide range of products derived from maize, wheat, potato and pea leads to a variety of applications.

Our plant-based solutions for your plant care needs
  • Plant nutrition

    Plant nutrition

    Soil nutrients for fertilization
    A large range of ingredients adapted to the trends towards more natural soil nutrients.

    Biostimulants (free amino acids, organic acids, polyols)
    A range of products adapted to stimulate the plant an healthier way.
  • Plant protection

    Plant protection

    Growth factors to produce bioactives by fermentation
    Many solutions for microbial synthesis.

    A range of ingredients that deliver results, while managing environmental concerns.

    Seed treatments/coating: filming, encrusting and pelleting 
    A safe coating alternative to microplastics.

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