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Soft drinks are increasingly marketed to help make a healthy lifestyle attractive. Consumers are looking for less sugars, fewer calories, and more nutrition! With Roquette solutions, meet the nutrition challenges facing today.

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Soft drinks are increasingly marketed to help make a healthy lifestyle attractive.

Consumers are increasingly demanding beverages that incorporate less sugars and fewer calories – and that also offer more nutrition. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence to support the consumption of low-calorie, sweetened drinks as an aid to weight management[1], including the maintenance of weight loss[2]. Consumers also have a preference for functional and fortified products incorporating minerals, vitamins and fiber.

When a beverage contains ingredients that are specifically for health purposes, it is important to ensure that the taste and texture are not adversely affected. The majority of consumers will not buy soft drinks if their taste fails their expectations. This poses a major challenge to developers: the healthy ingredients must not introduce even the slightest bitterness, aftertaste, etc.

And this is not all: as the demand for good-tastingnutritious and healthy beverages grows so does the pressure for solutions that are also cost-effective. Flavor change, emulsion stability, preservation, nutrition, health and cost are all part of the complex, demanding equation. At the same time, these prerequisites also offer opportunities to develop new products that offer health as an attractive part of the mix. 

Roquette food experts are ready to share breakthrough solutions and tested concepts and recipes to help beverage developers to meet the nutrition challenges they face today – not least by creating beverages that deliver a great taste experience.

[1] De la Hunty et al. 2006. A review of the effectiveness of aspartame in helping with weight control. British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin 31, 115-128
[2] S Phelen et al., Use of artificial sweeteners and fat-modified foods in weight loss maintainers and always-normal weight individuals, International Journal of Obesity, online edition, August 2009

Sugar-free fibre every day!

Beverages - like sodas, sugary juices and sweet energy drinks – have become a major source of calories and are therefore the target of urgent efforts to improve their profile.

Beverages with health benefits are set to continue to boom, with fibre supplementation leading the way. The incorporation of fibre can only be a good thing for the consumer, while for the manufacturers it is a key to positive label claims. It is also the key to making products acceptable to core customers in respect of taste, texture and sensory quality. Meeting so many objectives at once has understandably made fibre the focus of our attention.

We offer NUTRIOSE® for beverages: sugar-free soluble fibers.

NUTRIOSE® is an all-round fibre.

It makes it possible to reach easily attainable nutritional goals because it is the only sugar-free fibre with proven health benefits. It is soluble and extracted from wheat or maize and therefore a traditional food ingredient that, thanks to Roquette policy, also happens to be guaranteed non-GMO. It has very slight viscosity (as a bulking agent) in thinner beverages; in soft drinks this can mimic the mouthfeel associated with sucrose, yet without having an undesirable health impact.

This makes it a great partner for high-intensity sweeteners. Thanks to its high molecular weight, NUTRIOSE® can match the mouthfeel of beverages using sucrose but with a significantly lower dosage requirement. It also dissolves just like sugar, and does not require specific or sophisticated production technologies. Since ® is virtually wholly neutral in both colour and taste it cannot be detected by either eye or taste buds when dissolved in a beverage.

Beverages provide a great opportunity to help people increase their fibre consumption because drinking beverages forms a very large and conveniently obtainable part of consumer nutrient consumption habits. The unique properties of NUTRIOSE® allow the soluble fibre to be included in any type of beverage, even in large quantities, thus providing a truly positive effect on health, yet with no negative impacts on consumer acceptability.

NUTRIOSE® also exhibits a high tolerance factor that has been clinically evaluated at 45g/day, with no associated digestive discomfort. And due to its low glycaemic and insulin emic index (25% and 13% respectively) NUTRIOSE® also offers a long-lasting energy effect for sport and energy drink formulations. NUTRIOSE® has clinically-proven benefits on digestive health and blood glucose management, allowing producers to label “lower glycaemic response” if NUTRIOSE® is used to replace sugars in drinks.

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