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Plant-based solutions for bioindustry

Solutions for Downstream Processing

Plant-based solutions for the downstream processing of microorganisms produced by fermentation.

Besides crucial nutritional elements to ensure consistent growth and optimal yields during production, molecules and biomass synthesized during industrial fermentation require much attention and optimal solutions during the downstream process to ensure their stability and usability by consumers. 

Our plant-based solutions offer reliable solutions to industrial biotechnology players with a variety of functionalities and versatile properties.  

The unique physicochemical properties of our solutions can be tailored and adapted to very specific downstream processing needs.  

They are specially recognized and performant in downstream process applications such as encapsulation, filtration, stabilization, granulation, and delivery. 

Ingredients for Stabilization

Roquette has developed a wide range of encapsulation agents using a variety of vegetable sources. 

Our solutions are designed to solubilize a large range of molecules particularly for processes that use spray drying, lyophilization, and blending. 

Encapsulation carriers can be chosen based on various criteria, including oxidation resistance, amylose content, flavor retention, solubility, dispersion, viscosity, and impact on glass transition points. 

  • KLEPTOSE® plant-based beta-cyclodextrin that is very stable in alkaline conditions or the presence of enzymes and more specifically amylases. KLEPTOSE® is frequently used for its inclusion and association capabilities, which help in multiple downstream processes such as solubilization of organic compounds, stabilization of volatile organic compounds, protection against oxidation, light or temperature variations as well as the emulsification of lipid-based products. 
  • CLEARGUM® octenyl succinate starch with multiple potentials in different downstream processes. In encapsulation processes, CLEARGUM® notably eases the encapsulation of flavors in products before the drying process. 

Encapsulation for Active Ingredients

Protecting fragile molecules and microbes from irreversible degradation or loss of viability during downstream processing is a critical factor for formulators. At industrial scale, identifying an optimal formulation for the stabilization process can be equally important as the product. 

There’s a need for formulations that are stable, cost-effective, high quality, and easy-to-apply, and that deliver consistent and marked performance.

  • GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins are plant-based carbohydrates used as stabilizers thanks to their variety of profiles. GLUCIDEX® offers versatile properties that enable them to be used for encapsulation, granulation as well as carbon sources during the fermentation process.

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