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Roquette solutions for bioindustry

Advancing Industrial Biotechnology Processes with Plant-Based Ingredients

With a large range of plant-based ingredients for bioindustry and industrial biotechnology, our portfolio offers nutrition solutions and processing aids to optimize and secure fermentation processes. 


Industrial biotechnologies provide a true solution to the need to cut down our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and transition to more sustainable production processes.  

They also play an immense role in improving our well-being and lowering our impact on the environment in our daily lives.  

Also known as white biotechnologies, industrial biotech relies on the cultivation of microorganisms through fermentation to produce biomass or biomolecules of interest such as enzymes, antibiotics, or amino acids. The applications of biotechnology are countless. Products relying on biological science and made from fermentation surround us, from probiotics to vitamins, renewable fuels, food ingredients or enzymes. 

Relying on our expertise in plant-based ingredients, we develop starch, proteins, and other beneficial ingredients that bring value-added solutions to those using fermentation in their industrial process, from the development phase and scale-up to commercial scale production.  

Nutrition Sources for Industrial Fermentation 

We develop plant-based nutrition solutions to optimize and secure industrial fermentation.

Throughout fermentation, microorganisms need fundamental biological elements and nutrients to encourage their growth, stability, and optimal development.

Our starch derivatives act as carbon sources; in other words, they are stable energy providers for microorganisms throughout the industrial fermentation process. Along with carbohydrates, living cells need key components, also called growth factors, to optimize the performance of their metabolism. These elements are essential during the entire fermentation process to guarantee advanced and optimized production yields. 

Consistent Solutions for Downstream Processing 

Besides crucial nutritional elements, molecules and biomass that are synthesized during fermentation require optimal solutions after fermentation and during the downstream process to ensure their stability and usability by consumers. 

Our plant-based solutions offer a reliable variety of functionalities to industrial biotech players. Our solutions’ unique physicochemical properties are adaptable to very specific downstream process needs. They are specially recognized and performant in encapsulation, filtration, stabilization, and spray-drying properties. 

Discover our solutions for Bioindustry
  • Industrial fermentation

    Nutrition Solutions

    Plant-based solutions for industrial fermentation provide nutrients and growth factors to secure microorganisms during the entire fermentation process.
  • Plant-based solutions for bioindustry

    Processing Aids

    Plant-based solutions for the downstream processing of microorganisms produced by fermentation .

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