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Leaflet: Solutions for the Agrochemical industry

Let's partner to develop new solutions to save time, improve efficiencies, and deliver added benefits.

We provide a wide range of proteins specifically designed to meet your fermentation / bio-industry needs, derived from sustainable vegetabe-based raw materials.

Two distinct groups of products can be distinguished, based on the origin of the products and their composition (corn, pea, potato, wheat):

  • Nitrogen source: Products which are used as the primary source of nitrogen in the fermentation sector due to their high protein content.
  • Growth factors: Products that are rich in nutrients essential for the growth & development of microorganisms.

All these products cover a wide range of applications:

  • Fermentation: Enzymes, Amino Acids, Probiotics, yeast, Antibiotics, Biopolymers, and Organic Acids.
  • Plant care: Organic Fertilizers, Biostimulants, Biocontrol, Seed treatment, and Stabilization.

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