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Precision Dispense: Single use packaging for biologics manufacturing

It’s time to rethink pharmaceutical workflows

Roquette’s Precision Dispense service is a purpose-built, bespoke containment solution for the controlled and efficient delivery of quality biopharmaceutical ingredients into production processes.

By optimizing safety and efficiency, our single use pharma chargebags help manufacturers streamline complex biopharmaceutical workflows to bring life-saving drugs to market – faster. 

More than single-use packaging

Precision Dispense is so much more than single-use chargebags

A complete, end-to-end drug development solution, it encompasses everything from raw material handling to weighing and sealing your ingredients in a customizable, high-quality dispensing bag.

  • Innovative disposable packaging
  • Quality ingredients
  • Precision weighing
  • Controlled dispense

Main benefits of Precision Dispense

  • Reduced handling times: No raw material manipulation and quality validation steps required
  • Lower risk of contamination or error: Materials directly dispensed at precise, predetermined quantities
  • Greater customizability: Charge bags available in a range of formats and sizes.
  • Increased productivity: No need for manual weighing and transfer
  • Ease of integration: Slots seamlessly into existing workflows.
  • Greater compliance and control: Builds complete confidence across the production line.

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Unlock the potential. See the difference

Watch our explainer video to discover how Precision Dispense can revolutionize your biopharmaceutical workflow.

Simple. Streamlined. Safe.

  • Fully customizable and available in single- and multi-use set-ups, Precision Dispense is suitable for upstream, downstream, and final processes. 
  • By removing the need for individual raw material weighing between batches and allowing manufacturers to dispense ingredients directly into their processes, it can help mitigate risk, enhance efficiencies, safeguard supply, and accelerate valuable drug products’ journeys to market.

Your partner in success

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, every process, product and partnership counts. Suppliers and collaborators must be able to add value while ensuring they are fully aligned with the various financial, regulatory and technical criteria unique to every drug development project. 

At Roquette, we harness our status as a vertically integrated partner to deliver true quality. We own every aspect of our supply chain – from raw materials to final product packaging. 

What does this mean for our customers? 

Comprehensive control, total traceability and enhanced efficiency across the manufacturing lifecycle.  


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