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Calf milk replacers (CMR)

Producers are facing a real challenge today: formulate cost-effective and high-nutritional calf milk replacers. Roquette offers a wide range of products to help you achieve high-quality CMR.

With the cost of traditional ingredients increasing, milk replacer formulations have faced significant changes. A proper calf milk substitute should have physical, chemical and nutritional characteristics comparable to milk (flowability, density, homogeneity and palatability). It also has to accord with recommendations for animal energy and nutrient supply. Milk replacers should therefore contain the ingredients needed to provide the appropriate protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins; and, like dairy milk, should dissolve readily in water to ease feeding.

Roquette has extensive knowledge and experience of supplying ingredients for the manufacture of Calf Milk Replacers (CMR). This is closely linked with its broad range of suitable products:

  • Highly digestible plant proteins, as hydrolyzed wheat protein CWS.
  • Energy sources from native starches, dextrose.
  • NEOSORB® sorbitol, a polyol that acts as an effective digestive stimulant.

An economical protein source fusing quality and performance

Hydrolized wheat protein CWS hydrolyzed wheat protein is a premium quality protein concentrate from wheat, designed to replace dairy proteins in the feed system for the most sensitive animal. White, soluble and highly digestible, it is a safe, consistent product, produced in a secure process that is totally free of contaminants.

Low in fibre and ash, hydrolized wheat protein CWS contains a much higher percentage of protein compared to whey protein concentrate. Hydrolized wheat protein CWS also means outstanding digestibility and palatability as well as excellent dispersion in water. This hydrolyzed wheat protein contains no anti-nutritional factors (widely known to reduce animal performance) and works well in high protein formulations.

An ideal source of affordable carbohydrate

Calf milk replacers contain 40% to 50% lactose. Fluctuating dairy prices are a major economic incentive to replace lactose from milk replacers with alternative energy sources. Roquette’s dextrose monohydrate is an ingredient of choice for milk replacers. This crystallized form of glucose is fully assimilated by the body.

It is a great source of carbohydrate especially recommended in feed for young animals. Highly soluble, Roquette’s Dextrose dissolves readily in water to ease feeding and   offers an immediately available energy source. Roquette studies prove that for a calf milk diet, the inclusion of high levels of Dextrose makes it possible to obtain growth performance and carcass quality equivalent to dairy based ration. Europe’s leading dextrose supplier, Roquette always backs up its service with reliable logistics.

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