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Specialty feed

Within the past few years, formulation of Specialty feeds - such as Calf Milk Replacer (CMR), Starter feeds and Premix for young animals and veterinary products - have been through significant changes. Extensive research has brought multiple benefits, including improved biosecurity, performance and economics. Explore the latest advances by Roquette.

Our solutions for

  • Calf milk replacers (CMR)

    Calf Milk Replacers: An economical protein source fusing quality and performance, An ideal source of affordable carbohydrate.
  • Premix

    For specialty feeds like those for young animals, only premium quality premixes can be used. Discover our offer.
  • piglets

    Starter feed

    Roquette’s wide range of quality ingredient solutions with outstanding nutritional value suited for young animals.
  • veterinary-product-veal

    Veterinary products

    The production of safe and affordable food requires animals in good health. Roquette nutrition products help to maintain animals in good health.

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