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Choosing plant protein is an effective way to improve human protein balance, reduced associated fat with animal proteins and promote agricultural sustainability.

Empowering plant proteins… Variety unlocks innovation. Protein choice is critical, Roquette processes two raw materials: peas and wheat. Their remarkable synergies promise unlimited innovation for baking producers. As a world-leading manufacturer of pea protein, Roquette has more than 40 years’ experience in researching and producing plant protein.

NUTRALYS® pea protein – fully plant-based, highly purified, is a protein alternative for baked goods producers who want:

  • A highly nutritional protein source.
  • To secure and balance their protein supply while meeting more and more of their ethical and sustainable choices.
  • To limit the impact of other ingredient price increases.
  • To use a source that is not a major allergen, non-GMO and environmentally friendly.

NUTRALYS® pea protein is a trusted, competitive and unique solution for standard and specific nutritional needs (that is, gluten-free, meeting special sports and senior requirements, weight management objectives, balanced daily food needs, especially vegetarian).

Roquette offers also VITEN® wheat protein/gluten – naturally present in wheat, with excellent functional properties, helping baked goods producers to:

  • Improve the texture of their products through higher water retention, higher volume, and improved behavior of the dough (resistance, elasticity).
  • Enrich their product with a highly nutritious and affordable protein source.
Scientific publications on NUTRALYS® pea benefits

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