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Discover our wide range of plant-based solutions for concrete admixtures, dry mixes, plasterboard and mineral wool.

If you want efficient solutions for:

  • the pre-cast concrete industry,
  • ready-to-use dry blends,
  • ready-mixed concretes,
  • cement production,
  • cements for the oil-drilling industry,

then consider Roquette’s sodium gluconate, glucono-delta-lactone, TACKIDEX® modified starches, glucose syrups and POLYSORB® polyols.

Concrete and mortar admixtures

Our expertise offers you solutions that will allow you to improve your formulations by increasing workability, reducing water requirements and bringing better compressive strength.

We offer a range of plant-based ingredients for all needs: sodium gluconate, glucono-delta-lactone, TACKIDEX® modified starches, glucose syrups and POLYSORB® polyols.

Plaster board industry: insulation, ceilings and partitions

Our range of native and modified starches and dextrose offers you:

  • Plant-based and biodegradable raw materials
  • Anti-burning
  • Cost optimization
  • Paper adhesion
  • Controlled rheology.

Thanks to our expertise we can help you to reduce your costs by limiting your plaster consumption while increasing the quality of your products by optimizing their drying. All this is without affecting the ability to recycle your plasterboard.

Dry mixes

Formulating dry mixes requires efficient solutions that are easy to use and allow a controlled rheology and adjusted open time.

Our expertise and large range of products will allow you to improve your formulations from mixing to drying.

We offer plant-based and biodegradable raw materials for the formulation of dry mixes: Sodium gluconate, Glucono-delta-lactone, Modified starches.

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Other solutions
  • Intermediates

    Roquette plant-based solutions for bio-based intermediates as diverses as surfactants, polyurethane foams, household products, or anti-corrosion and cooling fluids.
  • bottle-labelling-glue


    Using renewable raw materials like potato, maize, wheat and pea, we produce a broad range of starches and starch derivatives for the glue industry.
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