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High performing texturizing solutions

The trend toward pet humanization has spread across the entire world, sparking a growing demand for a wider variety of high-quality pet food products and a taste for new experiences. In this context, Roquette has a wide range of non-GMO functional ingredients that can help pet food manufacturers meet those difficult challenges in terms of functionality in dry, wet and semi-moist pet food and treats.

Thickening, binding, gelling, enhancing texture and expansion, chewability, creating viscosity, improving sliceability – texturizing needs are various and numerous!

Thanks to a variety of plant raw materials (corn, wheat, potatoes and peas), Roquette offers a wide range of textures using native and modified starches.

Roquette fibers are also good candidates to help create texture. For instance, a a fiber with a friendly-labelling derived from the yellow pea – the Internal Pea fiber I50M – has proven to be a valuable binder in wet pet food.

Want to develop vegan or vegetarian wet pet food?

Thanks to our extrusion process, Vital Wheat Gluten and LYSAMINE® GPS  can help create realistic meat analogues in combination – or not – with meat meal.

Soft textures for semi-moist pet food?

Roquette glucose syrups and polyols are the answers to help prevent unwanted microbiological activity.

Wish to make your dry pet food even more appealing?

GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins make coatings shiny!

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