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Starter feed

Feed quality is key during the first weeks of life, laying the foundations for future growth and animal performance. Starter feeds enable the young animal to adapt to solid feed and then to improve absorption of the feeds that come later.  A good quality starter feed should contain highly nutritional ingredients to support the growth of very young animals and to lower mortality. The end-product must be highly digestible, palatable and easy to chew to encourage feed intake and optimize performance.

High-quality solutions with outstanding nutritional value

Roquette has designed a wide range of quality ingredient especially suited to young animals, notably piglets during the critical weaning phase.

Another key asset of this large offer for piglet starter feed is the economic advantage they offer. Their inclusion in piglet formulas allows optimal feed costs while ensuring maximum growth and breeding performance.

Highly digestible energy sources

Modern breeding methods require piglet feeds to be very digestible, easily consumed and extremely safe to use. In pre-starter and starter feeds, Roquette’s dextrose – glucose crystals – provides an excellent energy source in piglet formulas. Incorporated in pre-starter feed, Roquette’s dextrose stimulates consumption and improves piglet vitality. 
The product is recognized as an outstandingly absorbable energy source because it does not require the intervention of digestive enzymes, as lactose and sucrose do. Roquette’s dextrose also provides great digestive safety and a sweetening power that increases the palatability of the feed.

High-nutritional-value protein concentrates

TUBERMINE® potato protein 

TUBERMINE® GP produced from potatoes is known for its richness in essential amino acids (lysine, methionine, tryptophan and threonine), available in much higher amounts than in traditional proteins used in piglet feed. In addition, the outstanding digestibility of TUBERMINE® GP is particularly well suited to the young, newly-weaned animal’s high protein requirements. Our studies show that including significant levels of TUBERMINE® GP in post-weaning feed guaranteed the same growth pattern as the reference proteins. TUBERMINE® GP is also flexible and easy to use in formulation thanks to a low level of ash, very low level of fiber and high protein content.

VITAL wheat gluten

Roquette VITAL wheat gluten is both a source of highly digestible protein and an efficient binder in the manufacture of pelletized feeds. Recognized especially for its high glutamic acid content, the plant-based protein shows exceptional digestibility and can be used in the formulation of high-performance feeds by limiting the risk of non-digested protein in the large intestine. Its benefits are not limited to its nutritional benefits: it is also recognized for its valuable functionality. Indeed, the viscoelastic properties of wheat gluten give the pellets a very stable and resistant structure.

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