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Composites & coatings

Sustainable and high quality thermosetting resins are demanded by markets that increasingly require: composites for the automobile industry, for furniture, etc, and coatings for interior painting and decoration, industrial coating, printing, electronics, etc. In addition, government regulations and industry initiatives are driving the creation of more sustainable paints, composites and coatings, reducing levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Extra functionalities have also emerged as the investment in superior bio-based resins grows.

Enhance the quality and the sustainability of your coatings with POLYSORB® - the high purity isosorbide

Our bio-based POLYSORB® is an exceptionally pure specialty monomer.

POLYSORB® can be used in various curable resins such as in:

  • polyurethane systems (PU),
  • epoxy resins,
  • UPR (Unsaturated Polyester Resins),
  • unsaturated monomers, reactive coatings, etc.

POLYSORB® helps enhance polymer properties:

  • optical properties,
  • scratch resistance,
  • temperature resistance,
  • UV resistance,
  • surface hardness.

In addition to the gain in the efficiency of the resins mentioned below, it increases their sustainability because it is totally bio-based.

POLYSORB® can be used directly as building blocks in polymer synthesis or can aslo be considered as the key element for producing new derivatives such as acrylates, BADGE replacement, etc.

POLYSORB® is ideal for formulating high-quality products!

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POLYSORB® - the high purity isosorbide

Make a splash with greener coatings using BIOSUCCIUM® - bio succinic acid

As a bio-based building block, BIOSUCCINIUM® offers applications for both solvents and resins for coatings.

Bio-succinic acid helps address customer demand for high performance coatings while promoting sustainable bio-based materials. It can increase the bio-based content of resins such as polyesters, alkyds, urethanes and UV-curable coatings.

Due to excellent performance and favorable economics, alkyd resins have been used for many decades. They currently contain up to 60-70% renewable material (oils or fatty acids). Bio-succinic acid can be used as an alternative to phthalic anhydride and in combination with other bio-based monomers, can enable 100% renewable resins.

BIOSUCCINIUM® can improve the renewable content and carbon footprint of certain colorants.

BIOSUCCINIUM®-based derivatives such as dimethyl succinate (DMS) and di-isopropyl succinate (DiPS) are intermediates for pigments.

Inks and coatings which are UV curable represent a rapidly-growing market. BIOSUCCINIUM® has been shown to be a suitable monomer for both the ester backbone of curable coatings as well as the reactive diluents.

The coating industry has a strong desire to reduce VOC levels. BIOSUCCINIUM®-based solvents and (non-VOC) coalescing agents have proven to be effective in terms of performance and bio-based content.

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download specification sheets, safety data sheets, and certifications.

BIOSUCCINIUM® - bio succinic acid 

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