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Nutrition Solutions for Industrial Fermentation

Plant-based solutions for industrial fermentation provide nutrients and growth factors to secure microorganisms during the entire fermentation process. 

With the ever-present need to transform our production processes and shift to safer and more sustainable practices, industrial fermentation processes are gaining momentum.

Because microorganisms are fragile and dependent on their culture medium, they require key nutrients and growth factors to develop in optimal conditions. 

Our range of plant-based ingredients dedicated to the bioindustry brings consistent, stable, and reliable nutrition solutions to biotech producers during the entire fermentation process. Their composition and functionalities provide essential elements and energy sources to microorganisms in their culture medium. This benefits the stability of the fermentation media which improves the functional response of the microorganisms, both in terms of growth rates and yield.

Besides their nitrogen and energy source, our ingredients act as building blocks and messengers in the microorganism during the fermentation process. As growth factors, they play a unique role in guaranteeing higher production rates. 

Growth factors
  • SOLULYS® : A unique corn protein extract, with consistent composition and guaranteed stability. SOLULYS® contains amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and trace elements that are essential to the growth and development of microorganisms in the fermentation media. A product of choice, used in a variety of applications across the fermentation industry. 
  • NUTRALYS®: A unique pea protein hydrolysate that contains free amino acids and peptides. It is an ideal solution and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional protein sources like soy and casein with comparable performance. 
  • TUBERMINE®: This potato protein isolate is an ideal substitute for any source of protein thanks to its well-balanced and diverse amino acid profile. TUBERMINE® is utilized as a nitrogen source in media formulations for industrial fermentation applications. 

Carbon sources

  • Our range of dextrose monohydrates (available either in dry crystalline or liquid format) are readily soluble in the water, and ideal building blocks for fermentation applications with high bacteriological purity. Anhydrous dextrose is also available. 
  • Polyols are naturally unreactive and highly compatible with other bioactive compounds and are utilized as organic carbon sources during various fermentation processes.  
    • NEOSORB® sorbitol is derived from cereal starch. This polyol has high chemical and thermal stability and brings high water solubility, as well as good preservative functionalities. 
    • PEARLITOL® mannitol has a lower solubility in water compared to sorbitol. It is used as an excipient in numerous commercial formulations and is known for its low hygroscopicity. 

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