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A world of pharmaceutical ingredient samples waiting to be discovered

Great things come in small packages. Roquette’s digital marketplace gives pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers access to quality ingredients at flexible trial quantities – ideal for early stage development.

Our intuitive online store – hosted by Knowde – makes selecting, specifying and ordering essential samples quick, easy and simple; no credit checks or complex form-filling – just add to cart, click order, pay and done!

Even better, the platform is ready to support your development process every step of the way with essential information on scale-up and qualification testing, as well as a wide library of supporting documentation. 

Excipient sample buying – made simple

These benefits and more, at your fingertips with Knowde:

  • Access to Roquette’s wide portfolio
  • Payable by credit card – no credit checks needed!
  • Quotes available on request
  • Easily review and update orders
  • Required supporting documentation available
  • Flexible shipping options to suit your needs

Order trial quantities of best-selling products

Browse hundreds of products from our leading brands to find the ideal solution for your drug development project (shipping to addresses in the USA only).

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The markets we serve

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Pharmaceutical excipients for prescription drugs

Functional performance with complete peace of mind. Discover our complete solutions portfolio for pharmaceutical preparations, including prescription oral dosage forms.

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Nutraceutical excipients and active ingredients

From enhanced manufacturing strategies to customized dosage forms, our nutraceutical solutions deliver products you and your consumers will love. Explore our plant-based excipients and active ingredients.

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High quality injectable and dialysis solutions

True confidence when you need it most. Our best-in-class excipients and speciality APIs are here to help you develop life-saving parenteral preparations that meet the highest quality standards.

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    The Roquette Pharma Solutions story

    The right partner makes all the difference.

    From our vertically integrated supply chain to decades of scientific expertise and ongoing commitment to innovation, learn what makes us a leading global supplier of quality excipients and formulation solutions.  

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    Discover our Pharma Virtual Lab

    Our easy-to-use digital platform offers all the insights you need for real pharmaceutical innovation. 

    Browse product files, case studies, formulation guides and much more, all in one convenient hub.

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