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Veterinary products

An important part of the veterinary products is made of specialty formulations capable to overcome/address physiological issues and discomfort. They require ingredients that are highly purified and at the same time provide a beneficial effect on the health status of the animals. Roquette with its large range of nutritional solutions and its historical experience in pharmaceutical applications can provide solutions to address the health challenges in animal production.

Today’s production of safe and affordable milk, eggs and meat requires a production system that combines safe husbandry on the one hand and balanced, safe and cost-effective feeding systems on the other hand.

Despite the efforts deployed by feed manufacturers and the breeders, the occurrence of disease and maladies is nevertheless a reality that the veterinarians need to deal with. They intervene either through a direct therapy based on, for example, antibiotics, calcium gluconate, etc., or through specialty formulations that enhance the health status of affected animals.

These formulations can include rehydrates, liver-protectors, etc. Roquette’s wide range of starch derivatives and its unique pharmaceutical applications experience provide substantial solutions for keeping livestock healthy.

Sorbitol: a unique liver protection feature

The physiological effect of sorbitol in live-stock animals has been extensively studied by Roquette in harness with official research institutes, such as France’s INRA.

It has been well demonstrated that sorbitol features many important nutritional and physiological properties that enhance heavily farm animal management, including the stimulation of bile secretion, liver detoxification and the vitamin B sparing effect - in addition to being a fully available energy source.

Roquette, the world’s leading producer of sorbitol – a polyol family molecule obtained by the hydrogenation of D-Glucose – offers sorbitol for nutritional or veterinary applications, either in its liquid form NEOSORB® 70/70, in its powdered form NEOSORB® P60 for the standard particle size, NEOSORB® P20/60 for the coarse particle size, etc.

Dextrose:  glucose energy

Dextrose – the crystalline form of D-glucose – is the most absorbable of all energy sources as it does not require the intervention of digestive enzymes, unlike lactose or sucrose.  Dextrose therefore acts as an energy booster by providing glucose that is immediately assimilated by the body. This feature is particularly useful for correcting hypoglycaemia (stress during transport, farrowing, diarrhoea, post-surgery); for promoting recovery after intense physical activity (race horses, farrowing) and supporting usual activity.

Roquette, a leading producer of dextrose, offers a wide range of dextrose products covering several forms and particle sizes - a valuable nutritional and physiological solution at special moments in live-stock breeding as well as for specialty formulations. Moreover, as world leader in the production of purified pyrogen-free dextrose, Roquette offers a unique solution for use in injectable.

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