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Plant nutrition - Sol nutrients

Plant nutrition | Soil nutrients for fertilization

Plant-based soluble fertilizers

The fertilizers market evolution is very influenced by the questions on soil replenishments and by the consumers’ needs for more sustainable farming.

Roquette offers a large range of ingredients adapted to those trends towards more natural soil nutrients.

Fertilizing materials

SOLULYS®: a range of soluble stable corn extracts, with balanced NPK profiles and many more benefits thanks to free amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals acting as growth factors.

NUTRALYS®: a pea protein isolate, to be used in high value soluble and concentrated nitrogen fertilizers.

GLUTALYS™: a corn protein concentrate which delivers slow release nitrogen.

TUBERMINE®: a potato protein concentrate to boost growth of soil’s microbes.


Organic acids, such as sodium gluconate, gluconic acid and glucono-delta-lactone, as well as NEOSORB® sorbitol and mannitol, are used in a variety of plant care applications. Often used as a complexing or a solubilization agent, gluconate products help in nutrient availability and uptake while improving the efficacy of slow-release formulations. 

In addition, Roquette offers a wide range of solutions for granulation as excellent candidates for specialty fertilizer granulation.

On top of ingredients, you will benefit from the full support for innovation as well as a reliable and global supply chain.

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