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NUTRALYS® isn’t one ingredient: It’s many. Sourced from Europe and North America’s most discerning growers*, raised and stored according to the industry’s leading quality protocols, processed in some of the world’s busiest plant protein facilities – every product in the NUTRALYS® line is designed to deliver the sustainable nutrition your consumers want, with the availability and consistent quality you need.

But every NUTRALYS® ingredient is different, too. From specific nutritional needs to ideal functionalities, each product meets the need for a particular market segment. You can use NUTRALYS® for a wide range of applications – and the possibilities are growing every day.

NUTRALYS® ingredients come from wheat, from rice, from fava bean, and from the yellow pea. Browse by source below, or search NUTRALYS® products to discover which is best for you.

* Pea, fava and wheat.

Organic Textured Protein

NUTRALYS® organic textured plant protein ingredients are made from organic yellow peas and organic fava beans. Available in 3 different grades with specific functionalities and shapes, they’re suitable for formulating meat or fish alternatives from pate-like spreads to bacon-like toppings to whole burgers, cuts or chops. Claim space in an emerging market with a product that’s certified organic.

Organic Isolate

Organic Isolate Protein

NUTRALYS® organic plant protein isolates are derived from organic yellow peas. Available with a variety of particle sizes and functionalities, they’re suitable for everything from plant-based milks and specialized nutrition drinks to cereals, snack bars and gluten-free baking. With non-GMO and FDA GRAS certifications, they’re your key to formulating for a discerning and fast-growing market segment.

Organic Isolate

Yellow Pea Isolate Protein Product Line

Our Yellow Pea Isolate Protein Product is widely used in the food and beverage industry, including in plant-based meat alternatives, snacks, and beverages. Choose NUTRALYS® for a versatile and sustainable protein source that enhances the nutritional value and taste of your products.

Yellow Pea Textured Protein Product Line

Our unique and clean-textured pea protein range is the perfect solution for creating indulgent new meat alternatives. Textured vegetable proteins (TVP) are created through the structuration of plant proteins using extrusion, a thermomechanical process that creates a meat-like texture. NUTRALYS®'s Yellow Pea Textured Protein Product Line is a high-quality textured pea protein that is used in a variety of plant-based meat alternatives, snacks, and other food products. Choose NUTRALYS® for a versatile and sustainable protein source that enhances the texture and taste of your products.

Rice Protein

Rice is well-loved and familiar. And its amino acid profile complements that of the pea, allowing you to create plant-based complete protein products health-conscious consumers will love. NUTRALYS® rice protein ingredients come in both concentrate and isolate form, with extra fine particle size and an appealing light cream color. They’re ideally suited for use in high-protein beverages, in protein bars and other snacks and nutritional drinks.

Fava Bean Protein 

The fava bean is a rich source of proteins and fiber. Like the yellow pea, production is sustainable and processing is environmentally friendly. Fava adds diversity and nutritional variety to the NUTRALYS® family – and offers you the chance to broaden your marketing positioning.

Wheat Protein

Wheat protein is a good source of cereal proteins. It offers synergy with legume proteins like pea and fava, enhancing amino-acid composition and digestion profile. Use wheat protein to fortify a wide range of plant-based meats and cereal baked goods.

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