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Here are the studies that have shown NUTRALYS® health benefits so far.

When consumers opt for plant-based proteins, they’re thinking about more than sustainability. From sports nutrition to disease management, individual health needs may vary as much as the people who buy your foods. But their specialized needs are steering market trends.

That’s why NUTRALYS® has the science to back up a variety of health claims for a variety of important demographics.

For more than a decade, Roquette scientists have designed clinical studies, working with independent third parties to test NUTRALYS® ingredients against specific health concerns and publishing the results in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Studies are showing NUTRALYS® can help with health goals as diverse as weight management, muscle development, elder care and blood glucose management.

Here are our findings so far, with links to published papers.

A senior man stretches in the gym
Woman eating yogurt
NUTRALYS® is easy to digest.

NUTRALYS® has premium nutritional qualities with excellent digestibility, close to that of animal proteins. 

Your body digests NUTRALYS® pea protein very well. But proving it scientifically was far from easy.
New studies show pea protein meets 100% of your body’s protein needs. Here’s why that matters.
A woman at the gym
NUTRALYS® supports muscle mass development.

In a 161-person trial, weight trainers supplementing with NUTRALYS® saw similar results to those supplementing with whey protein.

How a clinical study showed the power of pea protein to help build muscle mass
A man on a treadmill drinks from a water bottle
NUTRALYS® helps muscles recover after exercise.

In a 92-person trial, pea protein intake significantly mitigated the efflux of muscle damage biomarkers after intense exercise.

Does NUTRALYS® pea protein help muscles recover after strenuous exercise? A 5-day study says yes.
A woman sits at a table with a bowl of food
NUTRALYS® helps people feel full for longer.

In a 33-person trial, fullness and overall calorie intake were reduced for subjects eating NUTRALYS®-enriched foods in a similar manner to those eating Whey-enriched foods.

How an ad libitum lunch showed pea protein may increase satiety feeling and help further intake management
A senior couple hug while in the kitchen
NUTRALYS® helps those with decreased appetites keep eating healthy.

A study in senior housing and another in a large hospital both showed NUTRALYS®-enriched snacks helped those with reduced appetites to eat more and get more protein in their diets.

Can plant-based foods help seniors get the protein they need in their diets?
Hospital patients need better nutrition to help them recover. Can NUTRALYS® help them get it?
A man tests his blood sugar
NUTRALYS® helps moderate blood glucose peaks and dips.

In a 31-person trial, the consumption of NUTRALYS® reduced postprandial glycemia and stimulated insulin release in healthy adults following the consumption of a high carbohydrate beverage.

Could pea protein help consumers manage their blood glucose levels?