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Roquette Pharma Solutions

To serve patients globally by providing safe ingredients and raw materials for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our quality standards are uncompromised, and our products have a transparent and secure supply chain from raw material to the finished product delivered to the clients.


  • Roquette Pharma Solutions

    About Roquette Pharma

    Find out what makes us a unique partner for your formulations.

    As a leading supplier of sustainably sourced, raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry, we offer our partners and their customers uncompromising quality standards, and a transparent and secure supply chain from raw material to the finished product.
  • Roquette Pharma Solutions | Innovation Hub

    Pharma Virtual Lab

    Welcome to our 24/7 online and easy-to-use digital platform.

    Discover an in-depth source of technical content and formulation guidelines dedicated to Oral Dosage and Biopharma applications.
  • Products and Services

    Our excipients, APIs or ingredients come with an exceptional expertise, coupled to a range of services.

    • Search, compare, choose products, and order samples.
    • Learn about our multidisciplinary expertise and services.
    • US Customers can order trial quantities online!
The markets we serve
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  • Find out how you can rethink pharmaceutical workflows with precision dispensing technology or produce vegetarian softgels thanks to our new LYCAGEL®.
    Qingdao, China
  • Formulating promising nutraceuticals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle! Discover a comprehensive range of natural-based ingredients and excipients. to address nutraceuticals trends.
    Geneva, Switzerland
Latest News

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Roquette Boosts Customer Support with New Digital Pharma Marketplace
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Rely on our expertise in pharma

Rely on our expertise in pharma

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  • Innovation
  • Sustainable partnership
  • Reliability
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