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Roquette launches an online technical platform for researchers and drug developers
The new platform – “Innovation Hub” – and its virtual assistant – “Rosa”- offer pharmaceutical scientific community new opportunities for formulation ideas and information exchange.
The Role of Roquette’s KLEPTOSE® HPbCD in the Fight against Coronavirus
Roquette publishes a scientific paper on how Cyclodextrins may help in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus. 
Introducing PEARLITOL® SW-F for gluten-free nutraceutical dosage forms
Roquette, a global leader in innovative plant-based pharmaceutical ingredients, launches wheat-free nutraceutical product enabling gluten-free claim to respond to consumer demands.
Roquette and Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborate for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients distribution
These two global players team up to meet the current and future needs of pharmaceutical customers.
Opening: Asia Pacific Headquarters and Innovation Centre in Singapore
These new facilities will be focused on Food, Nutrition and Pharma to better address eating habits and health concerns of Asian consumers.
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