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A nurse wearing blue gloves prepares an IV bag

Delivering patient safety with the right partner

An unwavering commitment to enabling life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Improving patient health is your top priority. Ensuring your formulations’ safety is ours. That’s why we commit to securing the highest purity ingredients for use in reliable parenteral preparations.

For the last 50 years, Roquette has pioneered the development and production of high-quality ingredients for parenteral preparations. As a leading global supplier and unparalleled expert in pyrogen-free active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), we are confident our products offer the purity your injectable and dialysis solutions require.

By ensuring our production processes and quality systems are in compliance with the most stringent internationally accepted GMP standards (ICHQ7), we offer reliability and full traceability within our vertically integrated and transparent supply chain. Our commitment to delivering safe,
 traceable ingredients for challenging applications is what sets Roquette apart, and our drive to continuously innovate in the parenteral preparations market is why our customer base continues to grow.

We partner with our customers to offer:

  • Uncompromised expertise
  • Enduring quality
  • Sustainable supplier
  • Inspired innovation