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CPHI 2022: New PEARLITOL® CR-H mannitol and PEARLITOL® 200 GT mannitol are unveiled.

November 1-3, 2022 – join the Roquette team on stand 80C90 (Excipient Gold area) at CPHI in Frankfurt, Germany, to discover the latest innovations in direct compression technology, designed to overcome unique drug formulation challenges and support expansion into novel application areas.

La Madeleine, France – Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a leading provider of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients, today announces the launch of two next-generation mannitol products for direct compression – PEARLITOL® CR-H and PEARLITOL® 200 GT. Both excipients have been specially developed to overcome unique drug formulation challenges in the pharmaceutical space, helping manufacturers optimize direct compression processes and expand into novel application areas, like controlled release tablets and mini tabs. Visitors are invited to join Roquette’s experts on stand 80C90 to glean exclusive insights about the two innovations and how the company is helping to overcome some of the toughest challenges in drug delivery through its constant drive for innovation. 

Supporting cutting-edge product formulation 

Roquette is spotlighting its new high-performance PEARLITOL® solutions for advanced direct compression formulation. PEARLITOL® CR-H is a patented blend of mannitol and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) that allows for the sustained release of active pharmaceutical ingredients in direct compression formulations. The first mannitol-based excipient of its kind to support this functionality, it creates new opportunities to enter the controlled release drug delivery space – an application which typically requires wet granulation processes. As well as removing the extra drying step necessary with wet granulation, the co-processed mannitol and HPMC brings superior functional properties, like flowability, that help optimize tablet processibility. 

PEARLITOL® 200 GT is a one-of-a-kind granulated mannitol excipient designed to enhance tableting performance. In addition to addressing the capping and sticking issues commonly observed with other excipient solutions, it offers high-speed, high-volume continuous manufacturing – enabling the production of up to 250,000 tablets per hour without compromising on tablet quality. Meanwhile, it supports patient-friendly innovation by facilitating the development of harder, smaller tablets and can be used in novel pharmaceutical applications, such as fast-dissolving medications. 

“A global leader in the excipient market, we’re passionate about evolving our offering to enable even the most complex drug formulations to meet their full potential,” comments Paul Smaltz, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Solutions at Roquette. “Our latest PEARLITOL® excipients bring unique benefits that address the very specific processing challenges that we know formulators are experiencing today, including capping, flowability, tablet hardness, performance, and stability. With no equivalent solutions on the market, both PEARLITOL® CR-H and PEARLITOL® 200 GT offer manufacturers the opportunity to push the boundaries of drug development and truly innovate in the direct compression space, while making it possible to explore novel drug applications, like controlled release. We’re so excited to meet with our customers and partners and reveal the potential of these two new additions to our well-established portfolio.”

Don’t miss out: patient centricity in focus

Visitors to this year’s show are also invited to join Roquette’s expert-led panel discussion focusing on patient centricity. Taking place on November 3, 11.20am CET at the Conference Theatre, the roundtable will bring together specialists from across the industry to explore key themes impacting patient compliance and how the pharmaceutical industry can better engage patients in education and decision-making. Shortly after, Arnaud Verhaeghe, Marketing Director – Pharma Oral Dosage at Roquette, will then take center stage to present the latest innovations for enhancing consumer experience.

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