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Roquette Expands Global Reach of Plant-Based Excipients Portfolio with Complete Acquisition of Crest Cellulose
Following its purchase of a majority share in the company in 2018, this latest move allows Roquette to continue realizing its strong growth ambitions and meet rising global demand for high-quality plant-based excipients.
Roquette expands PEARLITOL® SD mannitol range for highly sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
Developed specifically for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are highly sensitive to reducing sugars, PEARLITOL® 150 SD supports opportunities to unlock advanced tablet dosage forms – even when using challenging active ingredients.
Roquette Launches a New Rice Protein
The company extends its NUTRALYS® plant protein range to better address consumer demand for healthier food.
 Roquette launches a new NUTRALYS® organic range  of texturized pea and fava proteins
Roquette announced today the launch of its new NUTRALYS® range of organic textured proteins from pea and fava for European markets.
Roquette Beauté Unveils a New Microbiome-Friendly Ingredient during in-cosmetics® Global in Paris
Beauté by Roquette® DE 006 is a 100% plant-based soothing ingredient for skin and scalp that also preserves the diversity of skin microbiome.