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Fiber: a health and well-being “promoter”

Usually disregarded in pets’ diets, fiber can actually play an important role in their health. While pets such as cats and dogs do not derive any energy from fiber, adding fiber to their daily diet can improve well-being and bring some interesting health benefits. Take advantage of the wide range of GMO-free and low-ash Roquette fiber solutions, whether obtained from corn, wheat, potatoes or peas.

Insoluble fiber for weight management. 

Insoluble fiber like Roquette pea hulls are commonly used in pet food for dietary management of obesity. Indeed, insoluble fiber ingestion naturally promotes satiety (the feeling of bulk in the stomach) without adding calories!

Insoluble and soluble fiber for digestive health

Insoluble fiber like Roquette pea hulls play a mechanical role in gut transit speed. This can help regulate digestion, with positive impacts on constipation. 

Conversely, both Roquette pea hulls and potato fiber can also have a beneficial effect on diarrhea thanks to their water-binding capacity.

NUTRIOSE® prebiotic fiber, a wheat- or maize-based dextrin and Roquette potato fiber are involved in the proper functioning of the intestine immune system by positively regulating the pets’ intestinal flora. They reduce the risk of colon inflammation and minimize feces' volume and smell.

Mixed fiber like COREX® M100 or MILUREX® combine the benefits of both types of fiber. As a consequence, they can be a reliable and stable source of fiber for healthy dogs.

Insoluble and/or soluble fiber for hairball control

Adding insoluble and/or soluble fiber to cats’ diets will facilitate the passage of hair through the gastrointestinal tract and in feces without causing obstruction or constipation. This is at the same time minimizing hairball formation in the digestive tract.

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