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For specialty feeds like those for young animals, only premium quality premixes can be used. These premium premixes require carriers with high nutritional value and reliable quality, unlike the classical carriers such as the calcium carbonate used in the premixes for adult animal feed. Roquette solutions for premium premixes fully meet these criteria.

Thanks to the high purity of the starch and starch derivatives manufactured by Roquette, it is possible to design premixes where the functionality of the carrier fulfills the premix industry’s requirements (good powder flowability, no water absorption, consistent quality, absence of contaminants) and at the same time delivers the high nutritional value required to meet  the needs of young animals.

Dextrose: the ideal multi-facet premix carrier for CMR and starter feeds

The nutritional value of dextrose is well established – and proven in the CMR and starter feed applications. In addition to the nutritional value, forms and particle sizes are features of the highest importance to the premix industry. Roquette offers a wide range of dextrose products that cover several forms and various particle sizes: monohydrate, anhydrous, granulated and compressible.

Dextrose monohydrate and anhydrous dextrose forms, several particle sizes have been developed, from fine to standard and coarse grades. These offer a very significant choice of highly functional carriers for the premix industry, carriers associated with the required levels of digestibility.

Starches: multi-faceted premix carriers with economic advantages

The reputation of the nutritional value of starches is well known in animal nutrition. Roquette offers a wide range of native starches obtained from several raw materials (corn, wheat, potatoes and peas) as well as pregel starches from the same four raw materials .

All of those starches provide the key features required by the premix industry for specialty feeds: fine powders, high chemical purity, absence of contaminants, no water absorption, no release of free water, while remaining affordable carriers.

Fibers: a wide offer of classical fibrous materials

Fibers are largely used as premix carriers, especially in wheat bran. Besides the wheat gluten feed MILUREX® pellets, Roquette’s fiber offer is different from the classical one thanks to an interesting portfolio of non-wheat fiber: potato pulp in pellets, pea hulls in pellets and the pelleted corn fiber COREX® M100, all of which require grinding into the appropriate particle size for use as premix carriers.

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