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Plant nutrition

Plant nutrition

The evolution of the plant nutrition market is driven by the needs of farmers and gardeners for new solutions and technologies highly correlated with environmental concerns. They are looking for plant-based fertilizers to nurture the plants and for biostimulants to promote better resistance to abiotic stress.

Roquette offers a large range of plant-based nutritive agents, complexing agents and biostimulants derived from proteins and starch derivatives. 

Those solutions deliver many functionalities such as:

  • Providing key nutrients and growth factors
  • Enabling reduction of synthetic fertilizers
  • Increasing nutrients absorption
  • Promoting stress tolerance
  • Improving germination
  • Stimulating growth of plants

These products are used in foliar and soil applications for fruits, vegetables, row crops, hydroponics, and in a wide range of other domains, like gardening for example.

Roquette also pays attention to anticipate the evolution of regulations.

Our plant-based solutions for plant nutrition

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