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Roquette plant-based solutions for TPU: empower your softness!


Produce high-performing TPU with POLYSORB® isosorbide

POLYSORB® isosorbide is a diol that can be used in polyurethane technologies, either directly in the formulation: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PU foams (Polyurethane foams), or once transformed into a polyester polyol (coatings).

TPU are flexible engineering plastics composed of two phases: a rigid one and a soft. POLYSORB® isosorbide is a low molecular weight diol that can be used as a chain extender in order to create a rigid phase in certain Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) applications: industrial rollings, sports & leisure goods, casing, etc.

POLYSORB® isosorbide improves TPU performances by increasing Tg without compromising softness and reducing coloration.

POLYSORB® isosorbide for Coatings

POLYSORB® isosorbide can also be introduced in the synthesis of polyester polyols for use in coating applications. For more information on the use of POLYSORB® isosorbide in coatings and composites and resins, visit this page.

Become a front runner in sustainable sportswear with BIOSUCCINIUM®

Recreational activities fulfil an important role for health and well-being. Whether sports gear is used daily or weekly, inside or outdoors, quality materials are relied on for performance.

BIOSUCCINIUM®-based biomaterials are already used to unlock high-performance apparel that has a reduced environmental impact. Innovative bio-based polyurethanes can include artificial leather and a range of parts for the footwear industry, such as shoe soles for casual shoes and sole plates for football boots.

Modern running or trekking shoes, as well as sport textiles, have to exhibit many qualities: be high-performing, robustness, wind-resistant or waterproof, and so on. Bio-based polyurethanes offer a reduced carbon footprint, without any sacrifice in performance.

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    Roquette plant-based solutions for TPU: empower your softness!
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