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Complete solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical coatings

From masking unpleasant tastes and odors to protecting drugs, supplements and over-the-counter solutions from environmental stresses, film coating offers a world of benefits for patients and manufacturers. 

All-round better drug delivery

Film coating offers so much more than taste-masking. For patients and consumers, properly coated tablets means a more attractive appearance, simpler drug identification, enhanced flavor and odor and easier swallowing. The result? Better medication adherence, better healthcare outcomes and a better quality of life.

In the laboratory too, coatings help limit cross-contamination, improve tablet quality, stability and packaging efficiency, safeguard against damage from light, water or gases, and make sure brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Our coating solutions

SweetPearl®: Sugar-free hard coating

The longest standing coating method, hard coating is traditionally used to mask unpleasant tastes and odors, as well as protect active ingredients against light damage.

Our SweetPearl®  maltitol powder represents the gold standard for sugar-free hard coating solutions with a wide range of outstanding formulation features, including faster coating time, effective sugar replacement, an attractive taste profile and a low-calorie, diabetic-safe positioning.

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LYCOAT®: Quality film coatings

Film coatings are thin polymer-based layers applied to the surface of tablets, or on materials dispensed within capsules. Our modified pea starch film forming polymer LYCOAT® is a best-in-class solution for aqueous film coatings, specifically designed for immediate release medications.

Offering clean and rapid solubilization in water for faster coating suspension preparation, LYCOAT® allows manfactureres to cut coating time, delivering high quality drugs with no logo bridging and a neutral taste.

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ReadiLYCOAT®: Ready-to-use coating system

A homogeneous blend of LYCOAT® RS, plasticizer, pigments and other additives developed for the coating of solid dosage forms, ReadiLYCOAT® MS is ideal for protecting moisture sensitive formulations.

Brands can choose between a clear or white coating system, for the perfect finish in any application. D CLEAR grades are blends of pregelatinized hydroxypropyl pea starch, sorbitol and stearic acid. D WHITE products are blends of pregelatinized hydroxypropyl pea starch, sorbitol, stearic acid and titanium dioxide.

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Discover our solutions

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    Direct compression

    Tablet formulation made simple. Discover our solutions for direct compression without compromise. 

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    Solubility and stability improvement

    Unlock a whole new level of quality with our range of solubilization and stability enhancers, ideal for virtually any dosage form, from solid tablets to liquid suspensions.

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    Get to know KLEPTOSE®, our leading range of taste-masking agents, strategically adapted to address any process or formulation constraint.

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    Liquid solutions

    From syrups and solutions to ampoules and dispersions: Discover our extensive range of plant-based excipients for liquid dosage forms. 

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