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Roquette excipients for coating

Film coating is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry for aesthetic or functional purposes, to mask unpleasant odors and tastes or to protect drugs from environmental factors. Coated tablets and capsules offer benefits for both patients and laboratories.

For patients,

Coated tablets mean a more attractive appearance, simpler identification, enhanced taste and odor, and easier swallowing. In the laboratory, film coating helps identify brands, prevents cross-contamination, improves packaging efficiency, and protects from light, water and gases.

SweetPearl®, the reference for sugar-free hard coating

Hard coating is the traditional method of covering tablets. It is mainly used to mask unpleasant odors and tastes or to protect actives against light.

SweetPearl® maltitol powder has become the reference standard for sugar-free hard coating around the world, with outstanding qualities:
  • It successfully replaces sugar, with a sweetness close to that of sucrose.
  • It allows to achieving faster coating time.
  • It offers dietary benefits: sugar-free, low-caloric, non-cariogenic and suitable for diabetics.

LYCOAT® means quality coating

A film coating is a thin polymer-based coat applied either on the surface of tablets, or on materials dispensed within capsules. Roquette has developed a specific modified pea starch with outstanding qualities: LYCOAT®.

LYCOAT® is a film forming polymer, specifically developed for aqueous film coating for immediate release. 

It is rapidly solubilized in water, without lump or foam formation for a rapid preparation of the coating suspension. The low viscosity of LYCOAT® allows the preparation of high dry substance coating suspensions. Coating time is drastically reduced. LYCOAT® coating is of high quality, very brilliant, with no logo bridging and a neutral taste.

ReadiLYCOAT® is a ready-to-use systems based on LYCOAT®.
ReadiLYCOAT® is a homogeneous blend of LYCOAT® RS, plasticizer, pigments and other additives developed for the coating of solid dosage forms.
ReadiLYCOAT® MS is ideal for protecting moisture sensitive formulations. It is available as a clear or white coating system.

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