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Roquette excipients for direct compression

Make tablet formulation simple with mannitol PEARLITOL® SD for patient-friendly pharmaceuticals.

Excipients are key ingredients in your direct compression formulation

Direct compression is the most effective and least complex way to produce tablets because it involves minimal process steps. Because of this, it is fast becoming one of the most common and economical methods of tablet manufacturing throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

Direct compression process is expected to deliver a safe and effective tablet with no friability, sufficient hardness and the same disintegration and dissolution time as traditional process.

The chosen excipient for direct compression should aim to deliver these properties.

Mannitol for direct compression

Direct compressional mannitol is a superior excipient with distinct advantages

  • Excellent compactability
  • Higher intrinsic dissolution rate compared to other binder-fillers
  • Compatible with almost all drugs
  • Inert substance
  • High stability properties
  • Produces a semi-sweet, smooth, cool taste (aligned with patient compliance).

Mannitol simplifies the production of tablets without compromising performance

  • Compatible with multiple tablet types, including lozenges, swallowable, orally dispersible, chewable, and effervescent.
  • Suitable for the rapid release of high-dose or low-dose actives in a range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.
The PEARLITOL® SD difference

PEARLITOL® SD mannitol is an easy-to-use, spray-dried mannitol with superior performance, designed for direct compression.

The excipient’s outstanding functional properties enable compression of the most challenging and unstable formulations without compromising tablet quality. 

PEARLITOL® SD allows the creation of robust, high-quality tablets via direct compression without the need for additives. It also operates on a much wider range of compression forces allowing formulators to adjust manufacturing parameters to compensate for formulation performance fluctuation.

PEARLITOL SD mannitol is available in two grades: PEARLITOL® 100 SD and PEARLITOL® 200 SD. Formulators can choose the particle size most appropriate for their formulation (complementary to the API size); ensuring uniformity, stability and optimal organoleptic properties.

Go deeper with "Your guide to direct compression without compromise" we offer to download below.

pharma oral dosage form tablet

PEARLITOL® SD mannitol,
the first-choice excipient for direct compression

  • Consistent quality
  • Superior, reliable functionality
  • Easy-to-use
  • Patient-friendly formulation
  • Cost savings
  • Available in 2 particle sizes
  • Technical and formulation support

Discover more about PEARLITOL® SD mannitol

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  • Visit our Pharma Virtual Lab: a 24/7 online and easy-to-use digital platform that offers scientists and developers an opportunity to analyze formulations, read existing Roquette technical research, and inquire directly to the company’s Customer Technical Support team. 


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